Flooring & Tile

Tile work has been a passion of ours for about four years now. We especially enjoy doing the tile work in conjunction with larger projects. There is a satisfaction in watching all our work come together with the tile and hardwood flooring at the end of the project. Also, Fine Home Builders is available to do tile and/or hardwood flooring as individual projects. We offer competitive pricing and quality assurance.

Another specialty we take pride in, is our tile shower systems. For waterproofing, we use a Kerdi Membrane that offers a more comprehensive and mold resistant waterproofing method. To learn more about the wonders of Kerdi Membrane, visit Schluter.com. They have many innovative tile project solutions that we are adept at applying. Another plus is the drain system that is used with the Kerdi; it assures a waterproof application and uses a 4 inch square drain that comes in many attractive finishes.